Grey Hair and 31 – Update

So I had my haircut yesterday. It was very surreal – I decided to go to a barbers in Acton, which may or may not be run by the Italian Mafiosa, and which was being used as a photo shoot location by an incredibly hot girl in 70’s gear. I had basically rolled from my bed to the shop, so I looked so fresh as you can imagine…

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31 and Grey – A Personal Journey

I recently read three articles on The Guardian about going grey, all released within 8 days of each other. Now The Guardian does tend to get on a bandwagon and flog a point, and the message of all three was – going grey is great, don’t let the patriarchy tell you otherwise etc. This got me thinking; for most women, including myself, the thought of not dyeing greying hair is a hideous one. But it is a journey I am currently undertaking,¬†and I don’t think it is as simple as the Girl Power message of grey empowerment, so I’ve given it some thought.. Continue reading