New 200 Items! 63 to 88

Mo’ minimalism…

A tiny blog post for today to tide me over whilst I have a few more adventures and generally get back on the minimalist vibes. I am making slow and steady progress on reaching my new 200 items, although I have had to throw away some stuff recently, which always makes me a bit sad (old paint rollers and brushes, random plastic tubes and old tote bags). I managed to recycle a lovely gift that a friend made, a paper wreath from book pages, but which was sadly damaged beyond repair in our last move, courtesy of a falling box in the back of the van. And Gumtree came to the rescue when a man came to pick up a variety bag of random DIY stuff, including hooks, dust masks, bolts, door knobs and various scrapers and primers. A few things went to charity shops (scarf, dustbag and holdall), and my sister took a lovely light fitting off me, which now looks great in her bedroom. She also took a small slow cooker and smashed it off her side within 24 hours, which proves that clumsiness is a family trait 🙂

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