32 and Grey – An Update

I have written previously about my attempts to go back to my natural colour, which is now (depressingly) about 30% grey – in between the last post I have had it cut once, which got rid of all of the remaining colour and started the groundwork for growing out. I was pleased… but then I wandered into Boots…

And now I have to grow all the colour back out again. It’s been three months, so I am starting to get roots, but I now have at least 9 months of colour grow out. You may ask why, when I had actually achieved my goal. I have spent some time thinking about this, and the reasons are:

  • I am still uncomfortable with my natural hair, exacerbated by the very real grey issue.
  • I think it makes me look old, and and painfully uncool.
  • You know what – this all stems from my Aunt… and my overwhelming desire to not be her. So here it is – in my more crazy moments I have a theory that there is a curse in each generation on my dad’s side there is a women born into the family who is destined to be childless and kind of miserable. My great aunt was first – she lost her finance in the war, never recovered, lived in a 1 bedroom council house, no kids, no family etc. Then came my aunt – found religion at university, worked for a pittance, never married, lives in a small one bedroom flat, has a martyr complex a mile wide… you can see why I might be seeing a pattern here right?! And so my sister has 2 kids, so she’s counted herself out of this one, which leaves just one… ME. And I always associate grey/brown hair in an unfashionable cut with my aunt.
  • There is no such things as curses, an occurrence of 2 similar events in an unbroken chain of generations leading to me does not a pattern make, and also I am nothing like either of them personality wise! I can have traits but I try to identify them and resolv…
  •  God damn it.
  • I’m growing this hair dye out if it’s the last thing I do.

The good news is I have definitely got through the ‘when are you going to get that pixie cut trimmed’ stage and into ‘oh no, she’s definitely growing it out’, so progress to the bob is going well. I’m just going to stay positive about that.

Tiny Undercut!

And now go and sort out the housework and financial issues rather than silently bitch about it in my head and paint myself as the long suffering victim.

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