Grey Hair and 31 – Update

So I had my haircut yesterday. It was very surreal – I decided to go to a barbers in Acton, which may or may not be run by the Italian Mafiosa, and which was being used as a photo shoot location by an incredibly hot girl in 70’s gear. I had basically rolled from my bed to the shop, so I looked so fresh as you can imagine…

So a quick update on hair as it stands…

  • Cut – was a pixie, not basically a short back and sides. It takes so fucking long to have it cut at a hairdressers to achieve the same look I just cut my loses and went to a men’s place. Check my fighting society’s preconceived gender norms.
  • Type – still 1A – fine, thin and beset by shiny limpness.
  • Natural Colour – still brown with red undertones, still hella grey on the sides, still got the stupid white patch
  • Current Colour – IMPROVEMENT CENTRAL. Nearly all the bleach is gone… so happy! The top and fringe still has some slightly lighter ends, but like 0.5cm at most, and much less noticeable.

So when I first got back I was like, “nah, fuck this shit, it’s being dyed”. But I’ve held out, and actually I think I might be OK with it. One great thing is that now I am basically a brunette again, all my makeup matches! So last night I could throw on some dark brows, hit a red lippy and style it out like I used to, instead of being all blonde and wrong. Another excellent thing – my hair is now in super great knick, which means I have stopped having to shampoo and condition each morning. I am now doing a deep condition once a week, and I think I might bin that off soon as well when the pot runs out. Which will help my minimalism vibe…

In about 6 weeks I am going to get it cut short one last time to remove the last of the hair colour and then I am going to really try to grow it out. I nearly always give up at the messy “what the fuck happened to your pixie cut” stage, but hopefully by then it will be winter and I can live in a hat :-).

Anyway, as motivation to keep going, allow me to post my new hair goal…

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