Mins Game: Day 24 to 26

The last three days have been much easier, but only because the other two boxes I bought from my mums actually contained a load of crap! 1 box was any issue straight over to the charity box (after a bit of cleaning)…. honestly, there was a carrier bag just full of ice cream sticks. I have no idea where they came from, or what I was planning on doing with them.

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Mins Game: Day 20 to 23

I’m not going to list out the things I got rid of on this round. I’ve hit the target for the days, but I’m struggling. Not because there isn’t stuff to get rid off, but because I’ve finally stopped avoiding the almost elephant sized mountain of crap in the room. This stuff came from my mums; a lot of it are the pictures I used to have in the flat which I took down to move. Continue reading